SDG 16 Indicators Framework

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Code Target Framework (Click) Units National Baseline Data Source Reporting Agency Implementation Responsibility National Yearly Ranking Independent Ranking Reform Needs

Develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels

Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative by Economic Affairs Division (EAD), Government of Pakistan


Primary government expenditures as a proportion of original approved budget, by sector (or by budget codes or similar)

Numbers - Demand for Grants (Pink Book) /or PIFRA Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance (Variance Analysis (Budget Vs Expenditure)) and Auditor General

This is a tier 1 indicator and World Bank is the custodian agency. The end-of-year fiscal reports (/budget execution reports) are the sources of the actual spending. This data is typically obtained from websites of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) or the national Parliament. Detailed budgets and expenditures should be available on government websites on timely manner.

Proportion of the population satisfied with their last experience of public services

% - Survey Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

Target implementation responsibility is with all the local, provincial and national government departments and ministries.

This is a tier 3 indicator and UNDP is the custodian agency. The proposed methodology will focus on 3 core public services: education; health and administrative services. Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform and UNDP are collaborating on an initiative to develop a Citizens’ Satisfaction Index (CSI).