SDG 16 Indicators Framework

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By 2030, significantly reduce illicit financial and arms flows, strengthen the recovery and return of stolen assets and combat all forms of organized crime


Total value of inward and outward illicit financial flows (in current United States dollars)

USD $ Number - State Bank of Pakistan

Ministry of Finance, FIA Anti-Corruption Wing, SBP Anti-Money Laundering wing, NACTA and SECP

This is a tier 3 indicator and UNODC and UNCTAD is the custodian agency. As per INCSR, in Pakistan, estimates of illicit financial flows put over $10bn as escaping taxation and being siphoned off outside the country. The FATF wants increased enforcement against all proscribed organisations and individuals including all those organisations operating under new names, vigilance of non-profit organisations and enhancing capacity of the law enforcing agencies.


Proportion of seized small arms and light weapons that are recorded and traced, in accordance with international standards and legal instruments

% - Ministry of Interior (Federal Level) and Home Department (Provincial level)

Police and other law enforcing agencies.

This is a tier 3 indicator and UNODC and UNODA is the custodian agency. The nexus between organised crime, drug-trafficking and the illegal arms trade added a layer of complexity. To address that issue, arms needed to be regulated through enhanced controls and improved standards for their transfer. Enforcement of arms embargoes imposed by the UN Security Council, and effective marking and increased cooperation in tracing weapons were necessary.